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As a Supply Chain Services Company,
We specialize in managing
IT purchasing and warehousing on behalf of our customers!
Enterprise Solutions
Today and Tomorrow
3rd Party Procurement

We have 20+ years IT purchasing experience in more than 30 countries.  Our customers plug-in to our Active Supply Chain Management (Active SCM) system.  Then our full service personnel facilitate the RFQ, request submission and approval process. 

They ensure the PO is generated, delivery tracked, received based on your rules, invoices recorded and payments are made.

3rd Party Warehousing

Prorizon manages our customer's onsite IT inventory and fulfillment processes. By integrating Active SCM, it solves the inherent problems companies have when using a generic ERP system to manage IT equipment.

  • Maintaining FIFO while ensuring project inventory integrity

  • Checks and balances for domestic and global asset tracking

Learn Our
Benefits-298 x150.gif
  • Reduced Overhead Costs

  • Higher Productivity

  • Simplified Domestic and/or Int. Controls

  • Higher Profits

  • Implementation of CAVS

    • Control

    • Accountability

    • Visibility

    • Standardization

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