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Our Mission
Turn Technology into a Competitive Asset!

Prorizon's Expertise

3rd Party:   Procurement & Onsite Warehousing

On-Premise:  Process Automation Software


Our Core Principles

  • Deliver a flexible solution to maximize our customer's productivity

  • Reduce their costs by at least 20%.

Supported by

3PL Warehousing

Prorizon has the experience to be your warehousing partner.  We support some of the largest companies on the planet and we can help your company too.

The process starts with a full operational discovery of the organization's business goal as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the existing operations.

Prorizon then customizes its cloud-based

Active Supply Chain Management software to bend it around the way your warehouse and business needs to operate.

Finally, we implement a global monitor to proactively resolve little issues before they become  big ones.

Predictable and Cost Effective

Labor costs represent up to one-half of the operating budget for many businesses. That's why it is crucial to have the most cost-effective and productive approach.

We designed an operating model that's highly efficient with predictable costs that are often less than your Total Operating Cost today.

Prorizon removes the distraction of the day to day warehouse management process so your organization can focus on what it does best while we keep the wheels turning.


3PL Procurement

Managing procurement can be challenging especially when multiple subsidiaries, regions or countries are involved.

We can provide the human resources and technology to simplify complicated operations. Prorizon has experience in supporting customers with more than 30 subsidiaries or with locations in more than 30 countries. 

Ever Changing Business Conditions

We treat your business the way you would treat it; that means we have to be responsive to changes in business requirements.  Often we implement new business functionality for our customers in less than three weeks.

This flexibility is achieved using our 

Active Supply Chain Management cloud-based software and virtual procurement team.

Our team works hand in hand each day with your company to ensure our 4 Pillars of Success  


Control, Accountability, Visibility and Standardization


What Can DSE Automate?

DSE can be implemented in weeks, not months.  Imagine automating functions such as:

Capture Strategic Knowledge

  • Service Desk Operations

  • HR On/Off Boarding


Maximize Internal Operational Productivity

  • Service Catalog

  • Order Processing

Increasing IT Effectiveness

  • Office 365 & Azure AD Administration

  • Automate IT Personnel functions

  • IT Script Management

  • Controlling Servers, Switches & Routers

Process Automation

Dynamic Service Engine (DSE) combines the benefits of a service catalog with orchestration.


In simple terms, DSE is designed to take repeating functions and house them in a controlled framework where they can be selectively executed by an end user or automatically scheduled.

  • Get real sustainable ROI

  • Reduce resource maintenance overhead

  • Drive real value through the organization