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Future Glitch
Where did the ROI go?

Prorizon delivers real ROI


The alternatives to Prorizon are many with the most well known being Ariba, SAP and Service Now.  These options are comparable to the the Titanic (big ship, little rudder).  They are hugely expensive to purchase, maintain and time consuming to make changes as new business requirements come to light. 


Often the management contemplating these purchases justify them based on ROI models.  But after the money spent to buy the software and all the heartache and upheaval involved in their implementation, the ROI is never truly realized.

Prorizon works with the customer to determine the ROI and tracks that it was truly realized, often in less than 12 months.  Because of our SaaS model, new business functionality is often implemented in 3 to 12 weeks.

Problems We Actively Solve For Our Enterprise Customers

Although, Prorizon's Active Supply Chain Management system (Active SCM) is built to manage procurement and warehousing of Indirect goods and services, we excel in managing the complexities of IT equipment (end user computing, networking and servers).

Over and above traditional software functionality for procurement and warehousing, Active SCM provide

  • Plug and play technology that works domestically or internationally 

  • Rapid implementation - Optionally without interfaces (3 - 6 weeks); with interfaces (2 - 4 months depending on client availability)

  • Our signature approach to manage both disciplines is to assign one or more Procurement or Warehouse Coordinators to proactively track process compliance, avoid bottlenecks and resolve customer issues or escalations

  • Catalog segregation and controlled division/country replication based on business rules with access to standard and non-standard items as desire

  • Gatekeeper functions - to allow the customer offload purchasing activities to Prorizon during peak times or when it more cost-effective



  • Integrated Global procurement controls where individual countries have some operational autonomy while still adhering to the global framework based on the customer's business rules (e.g. approval processes and asset tagging standards by asset type; standardizing the 3-way accounting match; etc.)

  • Super user can redirect PO approvals based upon need (e.g. choose to send a PO related to a new vendor to legal for additional approval)

  • Automated Warranty and Maintenance contract creation and tracking during the receiving process

  • Optionally auto-generate service tickets upon item receipt (e.g. help desk installation tickets)



  • Seamless and simplified Global IT Inventory Tracking regardless of country

  • Employment of a FIFO schema that actively picks the oldest equipment of the warehouse and then reallocates inventory to maintain the correct items levels designated project or stock locations

  • Integrated LDAP (or non-LDAP options) for custody sign-offs and tracking

  • Automated Returns Determination to route returning equipment to either disposal, redeployment or spares inventory locations to cut down on repetitive  user review

  • Capability to provide the creation of product bundles during the receiving process to simplify the inventory and picking process of integrated equipment with trackable components (e.g. SFP's, network cards, power supplies, etc.)

  • Asset and Material Group Code classifications that allow segregation of types, pools and relationship hierarchies

  • Integrated Warehouse and Remote receiving capabilities

  • Inter-company drop-ship equipment transfers automatically create internal PO’s for receiving warehouse to acknowledge equipment transfer for stock replenishment and reserved equipment management


Our customer's businesses often change many times a year.  Prorizon's extremely flexible design and delivery model allow us to react to most new business requirements rapid manner.  And this what our customers expect.

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