About Us

Founded in 1992, Prorizon Corporation is now recognized as a leading Procurement & Warehousing Service Provider in the US and in more than 30 countries worldwide. Supply & Demand Chain Magazine has rated us as one of the "Top 100" procurement companies in the nation.

Our Mission:
We turn Technology into a Competitive Asset!


I've built Prorizon around a core set of principles:

  1. Deliver a flexible solution to maximize our customer's productivity and

  2. Reduce their costs by at least 20%.


My staff and I are committed to creating a true partnership with you to achieve this value. It's a fundamental difference in mindset from any other vendors in the supply chain space.


That's why we don't price our solution as high as the market will bear. And that's why, unlike our competitors, we never over-promise solutions that attempt massive changes and then under-deliver on the items you need most. And, we never force-fit our approach to your situation.


Flexibility is the key in achieving fast deployment with minimum impact to your organization. Prorizon's system is built to conform to the way you already do business. We partner with you to create a system that truly accomplishes your most important goals. And then, we deliver a tailored solution... not in years, but within a few weeks of project approval. Our typical installations range from 30 to 90 days depending on your interface requirements.


The system is designed to get the job done with the fewest number of steps, keystrokes and screens. Consequently, you are able to continue to do business your way, with minimal disruption. Your existing staff can quickly adapt to the system with no extensive retraining.


Your staff will also love having our Prorizon Specialists available to provide them with real live human support... online, on-the-phone or in-person. As your partner in the procurement & warehousing process, we pride ourselves on being able to support you and provide you with exceptional service!


Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.

“Consequently, you're able to continue to do business your way, with minimal disruption. You maintain total control of your vendor selection.”

Norman D. Conway

Chief Executive Officer

& President --

Our History

Founded in 1992, Prorizon Corporation is now recognized as a leading Procurement & Warehousing Service Provider in the US and in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Prorizon has enjoyed more than 25 years in the Atlanta, GA metroplex. We pride ourselves on offering the most complete supply chain solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Likewise, deployment takes a matter of days or weeks, not months or even years. With a focus on simplification of your operations through Control, Accountability, Visibility and Standardization, our work minimizes man-hours, increases user productivity and creates integrated systems that streamline every related business function.


Headquartered outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Prorizon supports companies such as UBS, Computer Services Corp., Textron, United Technologies, and Motorola among others. Our clients do business in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Our Solutions Support:

  • Vendor Alignment

  • Contract Administration

  • Client Order Fulfillment

  • Service Request Processing

  • Receiving and Warehousing

  • Asset Lifecycle Tracking

  • Invoice Reconciliation

  • Payment Confirmation

  • Budget Tracking

  • Business Intelligence


The Team

Norman D. Conway

President & CEO


Norman D. Conway is the CEO, President and Founder of Prorizon Corporation. He began his career in IT at Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company (now CenterPoint Energy). During his 15-year tenure, he was responsible for development and implementation of multi-million dollar accounting and telecommunications systems. In 1992, Mr. Conway founded TeleConcepts Inc., which supported the telecommunications industry using proprietary software to run the back-office operations for major national and international long distance carriers. In 1999, the company was renamed Prorizon Corporation, and the processes and technology were refocused to meet the needs of the procurement services space. After working with the world’s third largest technology outsourcing company, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to successfully transform the Client Order Fulfillment processes of ING Insurance Company, Mr. Conway developed Prorizon’s proprietary methodology, which has now been used to manage procurement operations in 34 countries around the world.

Scott P. Fletcher

Vice President of Support Services


A native of California, Mr. Fletcher attended the University of Kansas with a major in Nuclear Engineering. He has completed technical courses in Management of Information Services and holds a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute. He joined Prorizon Corporation in 2004 as an operational consultant and assumed responsibilities as Director of Operations in 2005. Prior to this, Mr. Fletcher served the International Netherlands Group as Senior Operations Manager with responsibilities for two U.S. regions. In addition, Mr. Fletcher held a Senior Operations Manager role with Computer Sciences Corporation and served as Nuclear Power Plant Operator with Wolf Creek Nuclear Operation Corporation in Burlington, Kansas. Recognized for his administrative, technical and leadership skills, Mr. Fletcher has managed procurement operations in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.

Tom F. Worthen

Director of IT Services

A native of Indiana, Mr. Worthen attended Southern Adventist University majoring in Computer Science. Prior to joining Prorizon Corporation in 1999, he worked for Management of Information Technologies Incorporated as a consultant, where he assisted clients with their computer system design and implementation needs. While there, he worked on a FIFO inventory management system to coordinate with the Great Plains accounting system. He was also involved with the design, testing and implementation of a system designed to handle ordering and distribution of orders to multiple warehouses throughout the United States and Canada. Prior to this, Mr. Worthen served as Director of Computer Services with Loma Linda Foods in Riverside, California. Since joining Prorizon, he has worked closely with management to design and implement systems to meet the needs and requirements of their customers around the world.

Mary Johnson

Director of Finance

Mary has an undergraduate degree from the University of GA Business School and a minor in Mathematics.  She has a Masters of Science in Personal Financial Planning degree from GA State University, with a focus in taxation.  In 2005, she moved into the real estate business, becoming a broker in 2008.   During her time as a broker, she was the CFO for the company and was selling real estate.  This including reconciling, tax preparation, accounts receivable and billing, and payables.  She oversaw all the financials of the business while they were generating over $1,000,000 in commissions.  At that time, they had over 40 salespersons licensed with the company. During that time, she so much enjoyed the accounting aspects of the company, and working with business owners, she decided to enroll in the tax preparation courses at HR Block.  She then proceeded to obtain the CPA license.  It came natural as she is a 4th generation financial analyst, from bookkeeping to internal auditing.

Arnaud Viviers

Director of Business Development

An experienced technology executive born in South Africa that moved to Atlanta Ga in 1996. He is a serial entrepreneur having started seven software companies in the past 30 years. He has over 35 year’s practical experience in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Management, focused mainly on the enterprise software market. A strong believer in understanding customer business problems, creating value innovation to build long-term strategic customer relationships. Has had experience spanning many different areas of the software business. From relational SQL databases to store structured data. Helping customers build data warehouses and digital dashboards. Email archiving systems and regulatory compliance systems using Natural language processing. Building and selling software application for the analysis of unstructured data, utilizing patented concept search with advanced analytics as well a patented supervised and patented unsupervised machine learning. Using supervised machine learning for automated categorization of unstructured data for investigations and legal document review. Helping customer achieve massive ROI using these new technologies. Currently involved with assisting Prorizon to expand their business and software capabilities into new markets by leveraging their core software offering and technical expertise to create value for enterprise customers.



Since its founding in 1992, Prorizon has grown to be a leading Procurement & Warehousing Services Provider  supporting Fortune 1000 companies in 30+ countries around the world.

The organizations we support include such internationally respected companies as Voya, DXC Technology, Bombardier Transportation, Motorola, Textron, MGM Resorts International and The Walt Disney Company, all of whom trust Prorizon's superior products and services. Prorizon is totally focused upon exceeding the expectations of our clients. As a result, we have accomplished some truly remarkable advancements in the procurement sector. Not because we have the best system in the world, although we think it's outstanding. It's because our employees believe in exceptional customer service. The dedication of our employees to your satisfaction sets Prorizon apart from our competition.


If you would like to be part of a dedicated team, where innovation, loyalty, superior customer service and hard work should be admired and rewarded, then we would like to talk to you! Please see our openings below!

Procurement opportunities:

Each link contains the job description and resume form to apply for this position; This form must be completed in it's entirety for employment consideration, then email to HR@Prorizon.com ; feel free to include your standard resume along with the form.




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